Push Up Charity

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Startups do pushups for charity!

Do something!

PushUpCharity is on June 27... Sign-up for updates and early-bird tickets.


Does your start-up want to do pushups on stage and donate to charity? You're awesome - we want YOU!!

Is that extra $20 burning a hole in your pocket? Help us raise money for charity and donate here!


Come WATCH the *craziest* event on the start-up calendar. Tickets sell FAST, so make sure you get one!


Where & when?

111 Minna Gallery on Thursday June 27 @ 6pm.

The fantabulous folks at 111 Minna Gallery have donated their space for this event. You can buy drinks at the bar drinks and snacks provided. All the fun people will be there, so you should be too...

How it works?

Imagine 5 startups in crazy costumes doing pushups on stage to a theme song like "The Final Countdown"...and all the funds raised go to charity. #Awesome


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